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We’re Your Supplier of High Quality Repair Parts

Your ability to provide reliable service to customers depends on establishing a relationship with a trustworthy supplier of quality parts.

Promoting Your Growth

Our goal is to help your business grow by guaranteeing you high quality cell phone and tablet repair parts. We source our products carefully so you can provide excellent service without the added headache of worrying about defects.


Partner With Us

USA Repair Centers

iPhone repair, Samsung repair, iPod or tablet repair…whatever wireless repair your customers need, you want them to flock to your store to get exceptional service at affordable prices.  Consistent satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals are integral to your business growth.

A large part of your own success plan, though, is choosing the right partner who can handle and manage your growth and needs.  Searching for parts suppliers on eBay or Amazon isn’t going to make it.  All too often, it leads to parts with high defect rates and disgruntled customers.

Cellular Recovery Partners is positioned to become your single resource with consistently great quality at very competitive prices…along with outstanding pre- and post-sale support.

We partner with International Repair Centers, too.

Depending on your location, we can ship from our overseas facilities in China directly to your Repair Center, saving you time and costs.